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I’m sorry?!? How is this Irony? It could only be ironic if the purpose behinde striving for perfection was to achieve happiness, and having achieved it then found that you were not. Simply striving for perfection instead of happiness is not ironic in any meaning of the word.  And even worse is the fact that all of you are reblogging this as if it is an accurate example of irony - how ironic!

Thank you for your comment! I have never reblogged some of my own before.. But since I wanted to answer to your question i had to!:)

Perfect to be perfect without it making you happy.. Well it is an option.. But I don’t believe that people can be perfect for the perfection and unfortunately to reach happiness that way.. Nothing is perfect like nothing is equal.. Something for me seen as perfect for someone else is imperfect.. But my thoughts while writing this were mostly for women who are making the mistake wanting to be perfect and thinking that is the way to reach happiness! Since there is not such a thing such as perfection, only what each of us think as perfection.. So it becomes an irony!:) There is a difference: Perfect to be happy… Or I am perfectly happy? 

Thank you again very much for your comment!!!:)

PS. Point of my quote was about happiness and irony, not only about the irony. But I promise, that in the future I will write only about the irony as well!

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